All About Mudjacking

Mudjackers & Concrete Repair offers concrete solutions for uneven, sinking, or cracked concrete. Our process, known as mudjacking, is as uncomplicated as it sounds but requires the expertise we proudly provide. We inject a tailored slurry mixture of water, ground limestone, and Portland cement under your problematic concrete slab to lift it and solve your concrete woes. From fallen driveways, sidewalks, steps, patios, and pool decks to industrial applications like warehouse floors, curbs, and parking lots, our services have you covered.

A man walking in front of a wall.

Why Does Concrete Sink or Settle

The reasons can range from improperly compacted dirt during installation, soil erosion, or natural settling of the earth over time. Regardless of the cause, uneven concrete can create unnecessary safety hazards, water runoff issues, and severe foundation problems.

Our Process

Our mudjacking procedure begins by drilling small holes into the concrete slab to be lifted. The slurry is pumped into these holes under pressure, filling any gaps beneath the slab. As the gaps are filled, the slurry pressurizes and raises the slab hydraulically to the desired height. Finally, the drilled holes are filled with a concrete mixture for a seamless finish.

Why Choose Mudjacking

Though mudjacking requires specialized knowledge and training, it's often a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to replacing concrete and for concrete maintenance. It's faster, cleaner, and less intrusive to your landscaping or plants. Plus, mudjacked concrete sets more rapidly and leaves the structural integrity of your aged concrete intact. So, if settling is your only issue, our mudjacking services might be the solution you've been seeking. Welcome to a faster, cleaner, and less expensive way to address your concrete problems.